The Company

ITA Maof was founded by Idan Baranes, Tom Hadadi and Aviad Tzarum – Civil Engineers with rich managerial experience and a cumulative reputation of proven success in the field of Construction Management and Supervision. On the Company’s portfolio are some of the largest, leading projects in the Israeli Real-Estate Industry with an emphasis on Offices and Commercial Spaces.

Our Services

With tens-of-thousands of sqm worth of experience in Office & Commercial Sector Construction Projects, Management and Supervision services are at the forefront of the Company. We accompany projects all the way from Property Search through to Occupancy including ongoing service for the duration of the Inspection Year provided by the GC – all while tightly safeguarding the Budget, going into the finest details of the project, and assuring familiarity with every piece thereof.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Clients

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